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Strawberry Hills USA is a federally compliant cannabis development project serving both retail & business to business cannabis customers looking to introduce their brand and audience to the cannabis industry in a compliant manner, or simply enjoy a new way to order the BEST cannabis on the east coast.

With the changes made to hemp & cannabis laws in 2018 led by Donald Trump, we are able to now exclusively & legally mail order our products to clients and cannabis enthusiasts in multiple states across the US. Our Strawberry Hills based platforms are dedicated to providing news within the cannabis industry so that our audience can keep up with the changing laws , as well as notifications for our hosted events and new product releases. for more information:


VellyMade Garments is a bootleg art brand & hand crafted garment studio made for Studio Eleven USA to share its custom made pieces with the world while collaborating with individual designers, creators, entertainers, and athletes on limited works of art and bootleg pieces. 

Strawberry Hills USA

VellyMade Garments

Studio Eleven USA

Studio Eleven USA , home of the GHETTO MADE blanks collaboratively made by Vellymade & Eleven , is a creative apparel blank company andlooking to add diversity to the industry of blank apparel , while also providing services for blank apparel such as screenprinting , emboidery, and on full service on demand design for brands looking step into the world of fashion


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