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About Us

Bottega Nine , formerly known as Mob, is a creative management company rooted in Detroit, Michigan.
Established by Zion 'Velly' Villines (Velly) in the early summer months of 2022


Inspired by the innovative spirit of brands around us, we operate primarily on the Midwest & East Coast, specializing in a mix of management services that encase the culture-driven projects we've launched including : brand management led by VlyCorps, our holding company. couture management led by Studio Eleven, our garment development studio. & artist management directed in part by us at Bottega Sound.

As a collaborative group of artists mixed in with artist managers, each specializing in an aspect of creative direction, we've partnered together to align our many skills and talents to craft tailor made approaches for artist, brands, musicians, creators, and creative service based businesses. Together, we craft digital strategies and campaigns infused with music & entertainment experiences, fashion forward merchandise, and cannabis, fostering a unique artist-first approach.


Embarking on this venture two years ago from a place of homelessness, Velly has designed BOTTEGA NINE to be a dynamic force, and a beacon of light for those who serve to hone & develop their creative abilities.

While our core focus lies in the fashion and merchandising realms, our diverse portfolio includes collaborations with college athletes, cannabis, entertainment, music, and the beauty industry. Meticulous planning, data-driven success, and detailed reporting define our commitment to optimizing and understanding our clients' strengths and weaknesses.


Core Services

Merchandise  Management 

At Studio Eleven USA , our Bottega Nine led garment development project , we transcend traditional fashion design by offering comprehensive, full-service merchandise design solutions tailored for creatives seeking to forge a deeper, more expressive connection with their audience. Our expertise lies in transforming your vision into tangible artistry that resonates with your followers.

From concept development to final product creation, we navigate the intricate process of design with precision and passion, ensuring every piece tells a story, evokes emotion, and establishes a memorable brand identity.


Our services are designed for artists, musicians, creators, and brands who aspire to extend their reach beyond the conventional, by weaving their essence into the very fabric of their merchandise. Whether it’s limited edition collections, bespoke apparel, or innovative promotional items, we bring your unique narrative to life, creating lasting impressions and strengthening the bond between you and your audience.

While our Bottega Sound project helps in developing music artists, our "artist management" at Bottega Nine is crafted in a more unique manner to expand our artist management services to not only producers and artist we work with on development and branding, but also purpose driven creators & influencers, college and professional athletes, entertainers, and even brand owners looking for a solid team to partner with. 

We serve ALL who create as the unique individuals they are, not numbers. No matter what it may be, we are dedicated to empowering a diverse spectrum of talent with the tools, talent, and team members who are dedicated to making your creative vision a reality. Our approach is bespoke, recognizing that each talent brings a unique set of aspirations, challenges, and opportunities.


Our commitment is to provide unparalleled support, strategy, and development to talents across all calibers. We dive deep into the essence of your craft, whether it's in the studio, on the digital canvas, or in the arena, ensuring your journey is marked by growth, visibility, and success.


With Bottega Nine, you're not just managed; you're nurtured to become the icon you're meant to be, transcending traditional boundaries and crafting legacies that last.

Artist Management 

Bottega Nine has evolved beyond the traditional confines of an agency to become a specialized studio dedicated to the art and science of branding strategy and marketing. Our mission is to empower individual creators, artists, and brands with a suite of bespoke services designed to build robust brand identities and cultivate unique voices that resonate deeply with their ideal audience.


Drawing from our background(s) in content creation, branding strategy, copywriting, and comprehensive marketing services, we now focus our expertise on crafting personalized branding solutions that stand out in today's crowded digital landscape. Our approach is holistic, integrating cutting-edge strategies with creative insights to ensure your brand not only captures attention but also forms meaningful connections with your community.


Marketing Management


Brand Therapy

 This initial phase dives deep into your brand's core, blending insightful questioning with creative exploration. We pinpoint your unique essence to set a creative direction that's both innovative and deeply aligned with your brand's identity.

Next we reinforce this direction through big picture thinking and strategic digital alignment for streamlined content creation and efficient client feedback.

Concept Creation

Our new approach to counteracting digital toxicity involves thorough research and a commitment to awareness. We aim to create an accessible and positive online presence for your brand, fostering inclusivity and positivity in digital spaces.

The culmination of our process sees your vision coming to life. Our seasoned team deploys your brand to the market with precision, leveraging our expertise to ensure a memorable and impactful launch.

Digital Nutrition


Our compact 4 step process we use to pinpoint the bulk & minor areas our impacts can be made.

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